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Lonlink provides total solution from demand analysis, design, project implementation and follow-up maintenance. We are committed to reducing cost and increasing efficiency for customers, to create a flexible, intelligent integrated warehousing program.

Lonlink Intelligent Four-Way Shuttle

The Lonlink cross shuttle is an automatic handling device that runs in high density storage racking. It moves along the vertical and the horizontal racking rails.

Automatization Tridimensional Storehouse

The latest developed automatization tridimensional storehouse system and relevant material handling and software solutions...


A conveyor is a handling machine, which transports material on certain lines.


Robots can autonomously operate multi-axial mechanical equipment, to carry out the handling operation and manufacturing tasks.

Contact us

Lonlink Smart Storage Solution ( Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
3308, King Tower, 28 New Jinqiao Road, Pudong District, Shanghai (201206)

Tel: 021 58962939
Fax: 021 58962959
CSH: 4008 216 916

Sales: sales@lonlink.com
After Sale Service: service@lonlink.com

Our team

Lonlink has enthusiastic Sales team, experienced design team, meticulous After-sales team as well as rigorous and meticulous management team.

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